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When I was young, both of my parents worked very hard each week.  On the weekends, my mom would take her VHS tape recorded soap opera shows and play them while finishing laundry, filing her nails, and maintaining our house.  I found myself looking forward to seeing Sharon on the Young and the Restless with her beautiful blonde hair and stylish look. Without social media, I found style in the latest show or movie, so as I grew, Clueless soon became my obsession.  But because I grew up in a rural town, I could only mimic the smallest portions of this film, namely the huge feather pen (which I loved and rocked at school every day). Finally, I found myself lost in everything Carrie Bradshaw which carried me into the college years and I still love to this day.  


I was determined to wear that huge chain link Tiffany’s necklace that everyone on ISU’s campus had and saving for a Coach wristlet was a must.  I knew then, I would have to work hard to afford the things that sparked my interest and clearly trends are crucial in my life. I wanted to have a piece of every part of the fashion industry so I began by styling hair.  I always felt like even if your outfit came from Walmart (which several of
my pieces have) you could dress up anything with a trend inspired cut.
I wanted everyone to feel confident regardless of their opinion of style
or wealth.  


While I love styling hair for friends and family, I always envisioned myself on a larger stage.  Soon after opening my salon, I found myself drawn to hair shows! Similar to fashion shows, hair shows take the most avant-garde ideas and bring them to life on a runway filled with amazing artists and loud music.  I joined the Surface Hair artistic team to chase this goal. I have met countless of the industry’s most talented stylists and have watched amazing hair shows come to life from the music, to the stage, to the clothes, to the hair.  


I love the feeling of watching something transpire from beginning to end and I felt that my salon needed to be able to style women from every aspect.  Hair, skin, nails, and clothing. As you know trends are my passion and receiving the huge Vogue Spring Catalog in the mail (Yes paper, old school I know) still gives me butterflies!  I can’t wait to crack the crisp pages and see the latest trends in hair and fashion. I wanted to share my unique style so I decided to open a boutique. Working hard, I am determined to continue to wear the trends of each season and I hope to help everyone else do the same.  


Please get lost in the clothing and consider allowing us to style your hair.  I continue to stay on the forefront of the most talented aspects of the salon industry and still get very excited to see the latest trends from New York Fashion Week.  With any luck, I hope to one day attend a Fashion Week show and analyze every single detail from head to toe! Until then, I hope you find this site to inspire a trend for you and I hope to see you in my boutique one day.




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